Chlorine Dioxide generation, dosing and control

Effective oxidising disinfectant to protect against Legionella (Legionnaires' Disease) and other harmful water borne bacteria and pathogens which are harmful to humans

Legionella Problem Legionella Problem

Legionella can be potentially fatal to everyone.

Legionella Solution Legionella Prevention

We provide a solution to Legionella.

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All ChloriDos systems come with a 12 month Warranty

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Welcome to ChloriDos

With over 25 years experience in manufacturing safe and reliable water treatment systems, you can be assured we will provide a solid service and systems that are built to the highest standards that will provide many years of operation against the battle with Legionella.

Our team of experienced water treatment engineers are at your disposal to assist with system design, product selection, installation and commissioning.
Based in East Lancashire, we are ideally situated to support commercial and trade customers throughout the UK.

Legionella Problem

Legionella infections can thrive in large industrial and commercial water systems, where water is used for both food and drink production in industrial applications or for drinking water in buildings such as office blocks, residential tower blocks, hospitals and large buildings.

Legionella Bacteria ImageLegionella Bacteria (pictured) is more commonly known as Legionnaires' Disease which is potentially fatal form of pneumonia where everyone can be susceptible to its effects.
If you are an employer or a person in control of a building, under general health and safety law, you have to consider the risks from Legionella that may affect your staff or members of the public and take suitable precautions.
If you are a manufacturer or person in control of water systems in a manufacturing environment then you should also consider the risks from Legionella in your manufacturing processes and take suitable precautions.

Legionnaires' Disease Prevention

There is a prevention for any potential water infection from Legionella; it is called Chlorine Dioxide or Cl02 which is a chemical compound of Chlorine and Oxygen. In the correct dilution in water, Chlorine Dioxide acts as a disinfectant and can eliminate the risk from Legionella and other harmful water borne pathogens.

This method of disinfection is suitable for industrial uses where the treated water is to be used in food and drink production as well as for drinking water situations such as office blocks, residential tower blocks, hospitals and other large buildings.

Chloridos DiagramChloriDos™ is a 'bolt on' independent water system which can be installed to any form of water supply. Whether you have a water storage tank or a rising water main, ChloriDos™ is designed for you. ChloriDos™ can be fitted to new water systems or retro-fitted to existing systems which means that it is the ideal solution for any water system.

ChloriDos™ is a safe, automated, self contained, onsite generation system for the dosing and monitoring of Chlorine Dioxide. It is specifically designed for the control and disinfection of Legionella (Legionnaires' Disease) and other harmful water borne bacteria and pathogens.

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I just wanted to make a formal comment on the works carried out last week. Ian and Steve were still on site with me at quarter to eight on Thursday night after a long and trying day. The weather was dreadful, having rained all day, we were all wet and tired, yet they were both happy to stay and get the works finished. This is the sort of work load I expect to have to put in myself as it is my company. However, to have both the lads offer the same level of commitment, even though the hotel was twenty minutes away and they could have left, is outstanding and deserves to be commented upon. As you are aware I have known Ian for more years than I care to remember and he has offered invaluable support since he joined you, so I was not surprised that he stayed, but Steve could have gone and left us to it if he wanted to. Instead of this he worked on, and got all four units serviced and back to full operation without a word of complaint. It was a pleasure working with them and how friendly they both were. I have obviously thanked them both for their efforts and just felt you should also know how pleased I am with the way it went. I look forward to doing more business with you.

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